101608 ACTual Video

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Grood Hits the Road

We’ve begun a 3+ week long tour with This Must Be the Band. Check out our facebook page for more details and stay tuned to our tour page as well!

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Savvy=Grood. Grood=Savvy.

After way too much time, Savvy has found its new name. It’s Grood. It means Good plus Great. Grood.

Thanks for waiting.

For all new Grood music and videos, go to the following:

www.GroodMusic.com (not ready yet)

The new idea for the new band: “Just do it already!” We just decide on a name, we just make videos all the time, and we just write music constantly and don’t give it too much of a second thought. There will be mistakes all the time but everything will be just fine. And you should come to shows and check out our art. And make mistakes. Just do it already.

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