03. Like Mine

you wake up in

you wake up in the morning

you are awake.

you always look

you look out of the window

it is your view

you write a song

you think of what it should be

you cross it out

you curse your structured brain waves

you think of them

you worry what they all think

you try to please

remember you know how to

please yourself

you take your time and make it right

you don’t need someone else’s go-ahead

do what you want and it won’t lie

that’s how it feels with heart like

you look again

you listen carefully now

you throw the sand

your feet are touching solid

it has the goods

it sings in all the right range

it speaks in waves

its beat is perfectly synced

up in time

the song knows how to make it right

you can sit back and let the pencil write

the world just waits for you to try

that’s how it feels with heart like mine

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