06. It’s About How…

It’s About How My Face and Balls Itched Real Bad for About a Week

The itching’s harder at night

It’s got the power to be fire and ice

And I can’t leave it alone.

Now everyone diagnose

We got two doctors a nurse and midwife

But that don’t get me too close

After breaking all my own rules

Wrists latched to the bedpost from misuse

I haven’t found the way out.

My skin is fire and it all surrounds me

My skin is fire and it’s all expanding

This fire just won’t go out.

Now speculation’s one more.

I don’t have one connection to work from

Not that it’d even help.

When all you want’s to get out.

I can’t find mental separation that comes.

And no way you lay feels like home, and I’m not even getting close.

My brain is mud and it’s taking up space.

My brain is mud and this mud can’t think straight

This mud won’t stay in place

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