04. Barber

0 – 5 – 30, I turn that sign around.  Patriotism duty and protection of the free world in he marches, marches the first one.  Shedding all identity for glory of republic.  Gotta get those heads shaved.  Only need but one blade.  For all those souls we save today, it’s a privilege

New shipment, dirty and unfit.  Got standardization here that’s what we give ya, ya come in free loader, exit a soldier, further down assembly line towards clean living.  How you want this cut boy?  That’s nothing but a joke, right.  I’ll have you cookin with the chili powder that is no lie.

Look at me.  We are the same.  But you must go.  And I must stay

Shave that hair down, you’re gone, man- go save the world.  Everyone is a gear and, you must be oiled.  They’ll eat us all for lunch if we don’t sacrifice.  Now your hair’s gone get down man, and go save the world.

Can’t find it, can’t find a better one.  I’m the fastest barber cuttin on this side of mississippi I take thirty seconds, just thirty seconds, every hair I’m closer to the spread of our democracy.  Take it off the top now, how’s one on the sides sound?  And if you turn your head around, I can finish.

Touch your hand to your head.  Touch your face, feel the skin.  What you were before today will be swept up off of the floor and then thrown away.

Shave that hair down you’re gone man, now save the world.  Everyone is a gear and you’ve just been oiled.  They’ll kill our first born males if you don’t sacrifice.  Now your hairs gone get down man, and go save the world.  Shave that hair down, you’re ours now, go save the world.  All of your extra parts, well, they have been sold.  We’ll break you all the way down, and rebuild you right.  Shave that hair down, you’re gone man, go save the world.

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