Dictated not Red

Dictated not Red – 2010

The first full length album from Grood (formerly known as Savvy) can be found here.  To purchase the full album, just go to Bandcamp.  It’s only $5.

Track Listing with Lyrics:

  1. 101608
  2. That’s Just Good Business
  3. Like Mine
  4. Barber
  5. Conveyer Belt
  6. It’s About How My Face and Balls Itched Real Bad for About a Week
  7. Hmph
  8. Aray Bali
  9. Mono
  10. It’s Good in Here
  11. Pulse
  12. Situation

The People are:

  • Alan Berliant: bass.
  • Matt Walker: drums.
  • Jim Dinou: keys.
  • Kasey Foster: ideas and vocals.
  • Charlie Otto: everything else.
  • Ray Quinn: mixing.

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