Savvy is a Chicago-based Strangefunk band. Sometimes danceable, sometimes confusing, most often both, and always interesting. In short, Savvy tries to combine Daft Punk, King Crimson, and XTC into one tight package. In slightly longer, the band consists of several members of This Must be the Band, the only and best Chicago-based Talking Heads Tribute (probably one of the first well-known Strangefunk bands). As such, Savvy understands the necessity for many members of society to get down on a weekly or monthly basis, and they seek to provide such opportunities. In even longer, Savvy is the greatest band in the history of the world. They play any type of music, they play any type of venue, they wear any pair of pants, they eat any form of food, they are invincible, they will never be stopped, they have never been stopped before, they will lend you money and never ask for it back unless they’re really strapped, they would never get with your sister even though she’s totally been asking for it for years. Savvy is very, very new and extremely fresh. Every show will be different. Every song has more layers than an GMO onion. Every musician knows all his parts. The members of Savvy know that it will all be very, very good, and you should be a part. Savvy will post new songs as soon as they are even close to done. There will also be ROUGH DRAFTS posted constantly, since Savvy is making new music constantly. Please feel free to add to the creative process: musicians, download and record over it. Poets, write some words. Critics, critique. Listeners, listen, and know that you are very special as such. Come see Savvy, tell us about your upcoming events, we would love to come. Or come see other bands we’re in, they’re also pretty good.
Other bands:

This Must be the Band (Talking Heads Tribute) myspace.com/thismustbetheband Impossible Recording Machine www.impossiblerecordingmachine

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